Hi! I'm Zoltán. For quite some time, I've been thinking how climate change sucks. And I used to nag about it a lot. And then this one time, my friend came to me and he said

Well if you think that it sucks so much, why don't you get a job in trying to fix it?

And then I was like

Well, it took me quite some time to find something that fits that description, but in joining sonnen as a software engineer in 2018, I had the feeling I finally got there.

However, this was also my first move into the renewable energy industry, which means I've had and still have a lot of catching up to do. And what better way to learn something, than to learn to explain it well?

1.21 Gigawatts is my blog where I try to describe the renewable energy technologies and solutions I work with and learned about ― in a simple and not-boring way.

I write about once a month. I will set up a newsletter soon, but until I do, you can follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter if you'd like to get notified when I publish a new post.

Thanks for dropping by! 🙌